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The New Positioning System “Position Guided Vision” Is the Optimal Solution for Tracking Automated Guided Vehicles

Leading the Way – Position Guided Vision by Pepperl+Fuchs

Colored paint/tape defines the route; Data Matrix codes provide absolute positioning, and control codes signal upcoming turns and bends - The Position Guided Vision (PGV) positioning system is the only product on the market offering a distinctive combination of navigation, tracking, and position feedback in one device. Discover the ideal solution for tracking automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Efficiency and safety in all processes

PGV - Continous position feedback Continuous position feedback
The X and Y position, speed, turn radius, and operating status are accurately detected at all times and continuously reported with the system's powerful 2D camera.
PGV - Reliable in all areas Reliable in all areas
The high-resolution tracking of painted or taped strips even on highly reflective and glossy backgrounds eliminates the need for matte contrast tape.
PGV - High immunity High immunity to ambient light, dirt, or damage
The wide scan window coupled with 2D Data Matrix technology provides seamless navigation over damaged or dirty tape and easily handles bends, turns, and tight curves.

Easy to install, simple to operate

PGV - Plug-and-play PLC integration Plug-and-play PLC integration
An integrated interface for most standard fieldbuses and process control systems provides the positioning system with plug-and-play connectivity.
PGV - Compact and robust Compact and robust solution
The compact design allows control of the smallest driverless transport systems. Mechanically robust and IP67 rated, the PGV can even be used outdoors.

Versatile applications of the PGV

Position Guided Vision
Position Guided Vision

The positioning system “Position Guided Vision”  is the perfect solution for automated guided vehicles in:

  • Intralogistics
  • Material handling
  • Automotive industry 
  • Print and paper industry
  • Healthcare
  • Many other areas


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