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Vision Configurator Operating Software for Perfect Adaptation of OHV Handheld Devices


The handhelds combine outstanding read performance with ease of use.
The handhelds combine outstanding read performance with ease of use.

Using the Vision Configurator operating software, the 1-D/2-D handheld devices OHV100 and OHV200 can be easily parameterized. The Vision Configurator visualizes reading results and supports fine adjustment of a wide range of parameters. The handheld devices can be optimally adapted to suit the application in question. The entire new parameterization is summarized in one control code. This code can be produced, saved, and printed out in the Vision Configurator with just a single mouse click. By reading the control code, the handheld device switches to the optimum setting at any time, even after parameters have been changed.

For standard applications, the handheld devices can be configured without using a PC by simply reading the generated control codes. For highly complex applications, the handheld devices can also be programmed using JavaScript.

Output string formatting

If the handheld devices are integrated into ERP systems, the Vision Configurator is used. With this software, the output string can easily be adapted as required. Through a simple selection of commands, a read data string can be adjusted to individual specifications. The data stored in the Data Matrix code appears directly in the correct position in the ERP system.

The Vision Configurator makes it easy to adapt the output string.

Connection to smartphones and tablet PCs

With the OHV200 handheld device, it is possible to visualize read results on smartphones and tablet PCs. The handheld device transmits read data to Android and iOS-based smartphones and tablet PCs via Bluetooth. This process requires no additional hardware or software.

The OHV200 handheld device sends data via Bluetooth directly to smartphones and tablet PCs.