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Functionality Updates for VisuNet RM Shell 5 Thin Client Software and VisuNet Control Center


Functionality Update

New functionality updates are now available for the VisuNet RM Shell 5 thin client software and VisuNet Control Center. These two updates fix minor errors and integrate a number of new features into the firmware for Pepperl+Fuchs thin clients. Among these new features are an adaptation of the session shadowing function, an improvement to the factory reset in RM Shell 5, and new wizards for VisuNet Control Center. The updates not only increase the security of your software and hardware, but also increase efficiency, performance, and stability.

Improved VisuNet RM Shell 5

VisuNet RM Shell 5 already offers the highest security with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise as a basis and various integrated security mechanisms. With the new functionality update, the software is even more secure: from now on, users are able to establish a session shadowing connection—both in RM Shell 5 and in Control Center—based on their own certificates. This will allow them to securely connect to a remote monitor.

Watch the video to see how to integrate your own certificate and establish a connection.

With the update, users will also benefit from a number of changes to the RM Shell 5 factory reset. For example, network settings can be individually adjusted in a new screen. In addition, the optimized user interface makes the firmware version visible at first glance and the image selection clearer upon reset. Users can assign passwords and change more settings than ever before with the improved RM Shell 5 startup wizard. Moreover, by introducing the functionality update, Pepperl+Fuchs has adjusted the resolution and scaling for 4K monitors, the display of toast notifications, and the stability when using RDP connections in RM Shell 5.

Increased Efficiency with VisuNet Control Center

As part of the functionality update for VisuNet Control Center, Pepperl+Fuchs introduces four new wizards that make thin client management even more efficient. The "Clone Device Wizard" allows users to quickly and easily transfer a configuration from one device to multiple devices without entering the field or connecting to every single device. This saves users a lot of time. 

Watch the video to learn how to use the Clone Device Wizard.

Users will also save time by installing firmware updates on multiple thin clients simultaneously using the appropriate wizard. If it is necessary to shut down or restart multiple devices at once, the shutdown and resart wizards will also support fast execution.  

Pepperl+Fuchs has optimized Control Center’s user interface, too. With the update, a new tab structure and improvements to the tile view make the overview clearer and simplify software use. 

New Microsoft Security Update

Microsoft® has released another security update. Pepperl+Fuchs provides users with the appropriate update for the VisuNet RM Shell 5 firmware.

More information on the Microsoft update can be found on the Microsoft website.

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In our video, learn how to install an update using the firmware update wizard step-by-step. 

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