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The new FB remote I/O green series has a lot of optimized features, such as a more compact design with even more channels, simplified handling, improved diagnostics, global approvals and many more. It connects via the PROFINET gateway to Ethernet-networks, which allows even to use it for IIoT applications.  

Additionally, it offers all well-known features that FB remote I/O stations stand for. FB Remote I/O stations are mounted in Zone 1 hazardous areas. They form a modular signal conditioning system to interface signals from the field to a control system in the safe area. FB Remote I/O connects conventional sensors and actuators to the DCS using a single standardized fieldbus connection (PROFIBUS, Modbus, Ethernet, etc.).

The plug-in input and output modules can be hot swapped in a running system without the need for a hot work permit. There is a wide spectrum of single and multi-channel I/O modules available—ensuring that engineering is easy and adaptable to the needs of your plant concept.

The FB remote I/O system is installed in an enclosure. Standard enclosure options are glass fiber reinforced polyester (GRP), fiberglass, or stainless steel. Pepperl+Fuchs offers complete remote I/O solutions, including fully certified enclosures with built-in systems and components.