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Isolated Barriers (H-System)

The H-System consists of isolation barriers for signals from or into potentially explosive areas with galvanic isolation which are mounted on a termination board. The termination boards are mounted in the control cabinet on a 35 mm DIN-rail. The signal loop between field and control side is closed by plugging in the module. The H-System is an efficient solution in medium-sized to large systems in combination with process control systems.

  • ​​No expensive and manual individual wiring thanks to fixed wiring
  • Fast and safe connection to the process control system
  • Less effort for planning and wiring, installation and commissioning, documentation
  • High availability thanks to diagnostic function and fault monitoring in modules and terminati-on boards

Safety Products Selector

Choose from various selection criteria like safety integrity level, performance level, device function, and signal type and find the SIL/PL assessed device that you are looking for.