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Fieldbus couplers connect instruments to the fieldbus. The fieldbus couplers are mounted in the field near the field device. They come as simple passive associated apparatus, or as wiring interfaces with short-circuit protection and power limiting explosion protection.

The Trunk is Protected from Short Circuits

While working on devices, it is possible that short circuits can occur on the spur connection. This is why our fieldbus installation technology offers individual protection at each spur. When a short circuit occurs, the current is limited, and the segment remains in operation. When the fault is removed or repaired, the spur automatically resumes operation. This important feature enables the use of fieldbus even in the most demanding environments.  

Explosion Protection

Any explosion protection method is possible (FISCO, Entity, High-Power-Trunk) with our reliable and proven field distribution components. Options exist for practically any connection and any hazardous area.

FieldConnex installation components

FieldConnex installation components are presented as follows: