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Vision sensors support fast and easy monitoring of a defined sheet for incorrect sheet detection applications. In the printing industry, these sheet verification sensors are used in folding, collating, and binding machines. Combining two functions in one sensor is the special feature: Sequences can be monitored through image comparison or by reading barcodes printed on sheets.

The unique combination of image and code comparison in one sensor, such as in the BIS510 and VOS412-BIS vision sensors, enables the detection of incorrect, faulty, or incorrectly aligned printed sheets during ongoing production. The vision sensor monitors the sheets using the printed image, and barcode comparison on subsequent sheets. In addition, the BIS510 and VOS412-BIS sensors compare all standard 1-D codes in vertical and horizontal orientation, as well as Data Matrix codes as an option. 

Your benefits of sheet verification sensors:

  • Reduced installation effort—image and code comparison in one device
  • Shorter changeover times—automatic teach-in of reference sheet
  • High reading speed—up to 4 m/s at 10 sheet/s
  • Optimized process reliability—powerful illumination guarantees reliable detection on reflective surfaces

Focus industries:

  • Print and paper industry
  • Incorrect sheet control in stamping, collating, folding, and binding machines
  • Code reading in enveloping machines