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FieldConnex® Field Switch: the Digital Transformation Reaches the Field of the Process Plant

The FieldConnex Field Switch is the first switch in process automation to combine common communication technology with Ethernet-APL. The Field Switch simultaneously transmits power and data on an Ethernet wire into hazardous areas of the process plant.

FieldConnex Rail Field Switch for DIN rail mounting makes migration from fieldbus to Ethernet not only easy for users, but also cost-effective. In addition to Ethernet-APL, the switch is the only product worldwide which can optionally handle the Manchester bus-powered physical layer (MBP), and it can be flexibly configured to connect to an existing PROFIBUS PA instrument base. 

The Field Switch is perfectly suited for compact plant layouts. In addition to the performance features for IIot applications, it provides everything that is typical for FieldConnex and the simple mounting of fieldbus installations:

  • Robustness
  • Wide temperature range
  • Use in hazardous areas
  • Explosion protection with intrinsic safety

The first generation of Ethernet APL-capable switches marks the first step of FieldConnex products towards IIoT and thus makes an important contribution to the digital transformation in the process industry - further innovative components will follow.