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R2100 – World´s First Multi-Ray LED Scanner (2-D LiDAR sensor)


A Distance Ahead - Photoelectrics by Pepperl+Fuchs

Multi-Ray LED Scanner R2100
Multi-Ray LED Scanner R2100

The Multi-Ray LED Scanner R2100 (2-D LiDAR sensor) from Pepperl+Fuchs is a photoelectric distance measurement sensor combining three breakthrough technologies into one revolutionary device.

2D detection with Multi-Ray Scan – no moving parts

The R2100 is able to evaluate objects in two dimensions with Multi-Ray Scan. Equipped with these breakthrough technologies, the Multi-Ray LED Scanner (also known as 2-D LiDAR sensor) becomes an economic solution with exceptional performance, flexibility, and durability. The new R2100 evaluates a 2D area over 88 degrees by employing multiple emitter elements arranged side-by-side.

Robust 2D measurement

The future of LED technology is now. For the first time, distance measurement sensors are utilizing eye-safe, Ultra-IR LED emitters. These infrared LEDs provide an alternative to costly, temperature sensitive, and potentially harmful laser emitters - without sacrificing power. Additional cooling equipment for use in extended temperature ranges is no longer necessary. The R2100 is the first distance measurement sensor equipped with Ultra-IR LED technology and delivers an impressive 8 meter operating range to object without the need for a reflector. Ultra-IR LEDs also produce a larger light spot compared to laser emitters. The Multi-Ray LED Scanner R2100 (2-D LiDAR sensor) has a distinct advantage over laser scanners when detecting objects with irregular surfaces or textures.

Pulse Ranging Technology inside – maximum precision and reliability

Pulse ranging technology (PRT) is the most effective time-of-flight measurement technology on the market today. It provides maximum precision and reliability over large distances, even in harsh ambient conditions. Sensors equipped with PRT emit a very short, high-intensity light pulse and calculate object distance based on the time-of-flight of the reflected light.

Breakthrough technologies for ground-breaking applications

The R2100 Multi-Ray LED Scanner (2-D LiDAR sensor) is a revolutionary, 2D distance measurement sensor, combining true time-of-flight PRT with a host of innovative features - the perfect solution for versatile tasks including object positioning, and collision avoidance on overhead monorails, robots and gantries.


  • PRT 가 안정적이고 정밀한 거리 측정 정보 제공
  • 초-적외선 LED로 강력한 성능 및 긴 수명 보장
  • 이동 파트 없으므로 열악한 어플리케이션 환경에서 내구성 향상
  • 다광선 스캐닝으로 2D 측정
  • 멀티플 및 와이트 빔의 투광부는 물체 표면 텍스쳐 영향없이 안정적으로 물체 감지
  • 낮은 전류 소비로써 에너지 절약 및 원가 절감
  • 급속 공정을 위한 빠른 반응속도