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Applications and Industries

Inductive sensors, sometimes in special versions, are used in various applications and industries. 

Below you can find information about special sensors and an overview of possible application areas and industries.

Process Industry

Inductive sensors are used in the process industry, e.g., as components for linear valves and as traditional proximity sensors.

More information:
Sensor technology for automated process plants

Mobile Equipment

Inductive sensors are often used in vehicles, i.e., in mobile equipment, for tasks such as position monitoring or end position monitoring of swivel arms, gripping arms, and dump bodies.

More information:
Sensors for commercial vehicles

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines require a variety of control and monitoring information.  Inductive sensors are used in many sizes and versions to detect the movement of the pitch slew ring, the drive gears, and the service winch.

More information:
Sensors for renewable energies

Warehousing and Material Handling

Inductive sensors are used in the field of warehousing and material handling to check final position feedback of lifting arms. Likewise, they can be used for final position detection in Auto-Guided Transport Systems and for fork extension monitoring (position monitoring) in material handling equipment.

More information:
Sensors for warehousing and material handling

Packaging Industry

Outside of the packaging industry, a wide range of requirements exist in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, and consumer goods industries.  Suitable inductive sensors are available for machine control for these industries.

More information:
Sensors for packaging technology

Printing Industry

Inductive sensors are used in the printing industry for tasks such as position detection in web fed printing, for end stop detection in punching, etc.

More information:
Sensors for the print and paper industry


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