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For easy connection of I/O modules from LB system remote I/O solution to a DCS, SCADA system, or PLC, Pepperl+Fuchs offers com unit modules (gateways) rated for use in Zone 2, Class I/Div. 2 explosion-hazardous areas.

The LB8122A.1.EL and FB8222B.1.EL PROFINET gateways connect the LB or FB remote I/O system. This way, the sensors and actuators connected to the remote I/O system are connected to a control system via a PROFINET network. 

The Shared Device function, which is standardized for PROFINET, allows several PROFINET controllers to have simultaneous read access to the data of the PROFINET gateway and thus to the field devices. Actuators of a remote I/O unit can each be assigned to different controllers. Using Dynamic Reconfiguration, the I/O modules can be reconfigured or even changed during operation without stopping the PROFINET controller. Users thus optimize their plant configuration and engineering not only for changes, extensions, or upgrades.

In parallel to PROFINET communication for measured and setpoint values, the gateways transmit auxiliary variables, configuration and diagnostic data from HART-compatible field devices using the integrated HART-IP interface.

Com units are available for different industrial communication protocols (PROFIBUS DP / DP-V1, MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP) and connect the internal bus of the mounting backplane to the higher-level bus system.

Additionally, they support all standard I/O modules and are ideal for safe signal transmission between control side and NAMUR sensors, mechanical contacts, power relays, horns, or alarm LEDs.

All units feature HART support to transfer diagnostic information to the control side, and easy online parameterization via DTM. Due to permanent self-monitoring, safe operation is ensured at all times. The com units are hot-swappable during maintenance without having to shut down the whole system. Additionally, they support self-configuration and can be operated in redundancy mode.


The new LB/FB PROFINET gateways from Pepperl+Fuchs open the door for IIoT 4.0 applications in process industries.