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The Universal Power Hub is a modular power supply that consists of a motherboard and individual power supply modules. It supplies up to 4 segments with up to 30 V/500 mA. The integrated Crosstalk and Resonance Suppression Technology (CREST) offers superior signal quality, which makes Universal Power Hubs particularly suitable for environments with very demanding conditions for fieldbus, e.g. long cable runs.

Universal Power Hubs provide a wide range of options:

  • Redundant or simplex configuration
  • 1, 2, or 4 segments selectable
  • Redundant host connection on selected models
  • Grounding bar (option) guarantees easy and correct screen grounding
  • Switchable terminators enable correct integration into any kind of fieldbus topology

These features make the Universal Power Hub the first choice for special applications.

Universal Power Hubs are approved for installation in Zone 2 or Division 2 hazardous areas. The use of different power supply modules in combination with fieldbus couplers enables implementation of various types of protection for the connection of fieldbus devices, such as Ex ia, Ex d, and Ex ic acc. to FISCO or Entity.

The Universal Power Hub features symmetric impedance generation for optimal signal quality. Impedance generation is based on passive components only, which guarantees low heat emission and a long operation life. The CREST circuit consists of additional filters specifically designed for the frequency of communications. It preserves the wave form in the best possible way and provides reliable communication.

The motherboard is designed for DIN rail installation. All modules can be mounted on the motherboard without tools. In redundant configuration, the power supply modules can be replaced without interrupting the power supply or communication.

Most Universal Power Hubs support Advanced Diagnostics. The Advanced Diagnostic Module enables easy monitoring of various quality indicators of the fieldbus physical layer. This allows faster plant start-up, improved reliability of the fieldbus segments, and more efficient troubleshooting.

Pepperl+Fuchs offers customized connections to any DCS via special cable sets. Please check with your local representative.