Serviceline Industrial Sensors
Serviceline Explosion Protection

Designs for Availability and Hazardous Locations

The fieldbus power supply provides power for the field devices and enables communication between the field devices and the control system via one common cable. It comes in two forms - as a Compact Power Hub and as a Basic Power Supply.

The Power Hub consists of a motherboard and individual power supply modules. The modular design allows solutions with precise fit for different applications and types of explosion protection. Customized host connections enable efficient and error free connection to various host systems. Power Hubs are available as simplex or redundant versions. Connections to the DCS can be selected or customized reducing wiring and testing efforts. The Compact Power Hub is the version that is recommended for most applications.


  Compact High-Density Universal
Compactness +++ ++ +
Low power dissipation +++ ++ +
N° of segments 4 or 8 4 1, 2, or 4
Redundant power modules Selectable Always Selectable
Redundant bulk power supply connection Always Always Always
Redundant host connection Selected types N/A Selectable
Terminator Fixed Fixed Switchable
Grounding bar Selectable Selectable Selectable