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Thin clients represent a powerful computing technology enabling users to access virtualized applications and information that runs on centralized servers. They don’t feature HDDs or fans so they are extremely economical. This efficiency and combined with manageability, makes them in high-demand in the most office and industrial environments: For instance, in modern process control, thin clients are an important part of the DCS virtualization strategy, and are regarded a cornerstone of the continuous change towards Industry 4.0/Internet of Things (IoT). But in these process industry scenarios, the requirements on thin clients are so high that a commercial grade thin client could simply not fulfill them.

Pepperl+Fuchs offers an industrial box thin client that is specifically tailored for these harsh industrial environments. This industrial box thin client provides the latest technology inside a compact, ruggedized aluminum housing that can withstand the stress of challenging ambient conditions. It is engineered for extended longevity and reliability, meets performance requirements for virtualized or web-based infrastructure, and supports centralized management software for thin client architectures.

Typical Applications

In all kind of industries, control rooms serve as central spaces to monitor and control processes and support engineers in production management. The BTC12, which is equipped with two display ports for two Ultra HD monitors, provides real time overviews of the processes at all times. With its rugged design and an extended temperature range, it can be flexibly installed in the control room—mount it on or under a desk, or even store it in a drawer. Learn more about the benefits of the BTC industrial box thin client in applications like this. 


Industrial Box Thin Clients (BTC)

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