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Remote I/O Gateway for Ethernet in Process Automation


Cost-Efficient Connection

Cost-Efficient Connection

When you want to modernize your control technology with PROFINET while reusing your existing analog sensors and actuators, the PROFINET gateway is the enabling device—reducing costs and complexity.
Ready for Big Data

Ready for Big Data

The PROFINET gateway is made for applications that aggregate and analyze big data. Using PROFINET and HART IP simultaneously, process data and device status information is transmitted to the master system via the same connection in real time.
Built-In Redundancy

Built-In Redundancy

The PROFINET gateway prevents downtime by ensuring network stability for critical applications. Two Ethernet interfaces enable an intelligent redundancy concept: the gateway has an integrated switch that ensures network function at all times.
Intuitive Usability

Intuitive Usability

Featuring the biggest touch display on the market for this type of device, the PROFINET gateway offers extraordinary usability. RGB LEDs and display symbols comply with NAMUR 107 and display information in a clear and standardized way.

Ex-Protection 4.0—Integrated Communication in Process Plants

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Field devices in process plants gather valuable additional data on their own condition and environment. Until now, this information could rarely be used due to a lack of continuous communication channels from the field to the control room.

But Industry 4.0 approaches like condition monitoring and predictive maintenance require this information. This is why we develop products like the new PROFINET gateway that are tailored to meet these demands. With its powerful processor and large memory, it builds a bridge between the field level and Ethernet-based network structures.

In addition to advanced product solutions, we also team up with various partners to maximize data availability—whether in the control room, cloud-based systems, or even on mobile devices. For us, this is Ex-Protection 4.0.

The Next Generation of Data Communication in Process Industries

Remote I/O Solution with PROFINET Gateway

The PROFINET gateway supports HART/HART IP to transmit process variables and additional status information from field devices. At the same time, HART IP can be used to effectively manage assets.

What’s more, with two Ethernet interfaces and integrated MRP (media redundancy protocol), the new PROFINET gateway is ideally suited for setting up high availability ring networks. When necessary, the redundancy manager initiates automatic network reconfiguration, ensuring the communication of segments that are unaffected by the failure.

The PROFINET gateway was developed in accordance with state-of-the-art security standards. Security features include a firewall and a read-only file system to prevent malware infections.

Large Touch Display for On-Site Diagnostics and Status Information

Profinet Gateway Adjustable Display

The PROFINET gateway features the largest touch display available on the market for this type of device. RGB LEDs and display symbols comply with the NAMUR 107 standard and indicate device and field unit status by displaying diagnostic and status information in a clear and standardized way.

Possible checks include status of communication with the master system, internal bus status, HART device recognition, and identification of faulty modules. This reduces downtime and costs. The gateway can be conveniently configured in the field via the touch display.

Different Information—One Connection

The PROFINET gateway supports HART/HART IP and enables the transmission of process variables and additional status information from field devices at high speed.

Opening the Door to Industry 4.0

The new, Zone 2, Class I/Div. 2 certified remote I/O PROFINET gateway from Pepperl+Fuchs opens the door for Industry 4.0 applications in process industries while simultaneously setting new standards in terms of handling, user friendliness, and security.

The PROFINET Gateway—Part of the Trusted LB Remote I/O System

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