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Product Overviews

Download or order Pepperl+Fuchs product overview brochures


VOS 2-D Vision Sensors brochure cover Download Now

This brochure introduces the universally applicable VOS 2-D vision sensors that enable fast and reliable measurement data for precise quality control. With flexible configuration options and evaluation methods, the camera-based sensors can be used in a wide range of automation applications.

ShieldScan Broschürencover Download Now

This brochure introduces the ShieldScan door protection sensor that ensures complete safety for your swing doors in accordance with EN16005. The photoelectric sensor combines innovative technology, easy commissioning, and minimalist design without any compromises.

Ultrasonic sensor uc18gs brochure Download Now

The new ultrasonic sensor series from Pepperl+Fuchs combines the advantages of ultrasonic technology with powerful features to create a sensor solution that meets virtually any application challenge.

DeviceMaster Broschürencover Download Now

This brochure introduces the DeviceMaster® serial gateways that are used to connect serial devices such as barcode scanners, RFID read heads, scales, printers, and vision systems to plant Ethernet or the cloud.

WILSEN.sonic.level Download Now

This flyer gives you an overview of the WILSEN.sonic.level wireless ultrasonic sensor with LoRaWAN interface. The sensor is used for intelligent fill level management in the smart city, smart logistics, smart farming, and smart environment sectors.

Broschürencover: VariKont mit Active Shielding Technology Download Now

In this brochure, learn more about the VariKont inductive sensor series with Active Shielding Technology. This technology ensures consistently high switching distances, no matter the installation situation or material.

Cover IO-Link-Master mit OPC UA-Schnittstelle Download Now

The ICE 2 (EtherNet/IP) and ICE3 (PROFINET) IO-Link master series come with an OPC UA interface and a real-time fieldbus protocol, making them an ideal solution for cloud-based applications with no superior PLC. In this brochure, learn how these modules enable seamless information exchange from field to cloud.

Identifikations Systeme Gruppenbild Download Now

In this brochure we offer information to you about the following topics:


  • Stationary 2-D Code Readers
  • Mobile 2-D Code Readers
  • Barcode Scanners
  • OIT High-Temperature Identification Systems
  • RFID—Overview and Technology
  • IDENTControl Control Interfaces, IO-Link Master
  • LF Read/Write Heads
  • HF Read/Write Heads
  • UHF Read/Write Heads
  • Tags
  • Handhelds
  • Devices for Hazardous Areas
IO-Link Download Now

In this brochure we offer information to you about the following topics:

  • IO-Link product portfolio
  • Long-term cost reductions with IO-Link
  • Consistent communication down to the sensor level
  • Tools and operating interfaces for parameterization and diagnosis
G20 ZPA Motorrollenmodul Download Now

With the new G20 ZPA roller module from Pepperl+Fuchs, the infeed of packages on conveyor belts can be adjusted to match the rate of packages leaving the conveyor belt—individually and without time-consuming programming. Learn more about the intelligent and cost-effective solution in this brochure.

Broschürencover Serien R10x und R20x Download Now

This brochure introduces the R10x and R20x series that come with a forward-thinking design and combine several photoelectric families of sensors with innovative technologies in one industry-standard housing style.

Product Overview— Inductive Positioning Systems Download Now

PMI inductive positioning technology combines the ruggedness of an inductive proximity sensor with the precision of a position measurement and angular positioning system. In this brochure, you find an overview of our inductive positioning systems …

Connectivity Product Overview, flyer, brochure, connectivity Download Now

Pepperl+Fuchs provides high-performance sensor technology with connection technology to match. This brochure gives an overview of our extensive connectivity portfolio. Find the right cable for your specifi automation requirements.

Multi-Ray LED Scanner, R2100, r2100, photoelectric sensor, photoelectric sensors, laser scanner, 2-D LiDAR sensors, 2-D LiDAR sensor Download Now

In this brochure we offer information to you about the following topics:

  • Pulse Ranging Technology
  • Sophisticated Design for Maximum Efficiency
  • The World’s First Multi-Ray LED Scanner
  • Cutting-edge Design for Greater Efficiency



Multi-Pixel Array Photoelectric Sensing Download Now

This distance-based sensor is a proven cost-effective and potent alternative to conventional technologies. It combines elements of a sharp threshold background suppression sensor with a distance measurement sensor.

Distance Based Photoelectric Sensing Download Now

An overview of three methods of distance-based photoelectric sensing: Background Suppression, Multi-pixel Array, and Pulse Ranging Technology and their typical applications.

Series 61 High-Performance Photoelectric Sensors Download Now

Simple, powerful, and multipurpose, the Series 61 sensor can reduce your inventory by having one sensor replace four with Pepperl+Fuchs’ 4-in-1 output.

LGS Series Intelligent Light Grid Download Now

Lightning fast, adaptable, and cost-effective, the new LGS series light grids open the door to a wider range of detection solutions.

Econo-Vue™ Economical Photoelectric Sensors Download Now

With low cost, high performance, and a compact footprint EconoVue delivers everything you're looking for in a photoelectric sensor.

First in Sheet Verification BIS510 Vision Sensor Download Now

The BIS510 vision sensor verifies the correctness of sheets by image comparison or code matching.  It detects the smallest differences and is reliable, efficient, and easy to operate.

Sense With Simplicity And Confidence - Photoelectric Fiber Amplifier Download Now

Complete with technical data and a variety of application examples, this brochure highlights the SU18 and SU19 series fiber optic amplifiers and a new line of fiber optic cables for harsh environments compatible with these series.

Photoelectric Slot Sensors For Label Detection Download Now

An easy-to-use photoeye that detects labels on a roll. It features one-step setup, simple programming, and a one-piece, waterproof and chemical resistant housing. Technical data is included.

Safety Light Curtains - SLCS and SLCT Series Download Now

High resolution, ultra-slim profile safety light curtains are the ideal solution for the most challenging machine safety applications.

Control Your Safety Setup As Easy As 1-2-3 Download Now

While ideal for even the smallest safety installations, this safety controller's expansion port gives it the ability to grow as the demands on it increase.

Less is Better G10 Safety – Small, Smart, and Modular Download Now

Pepperl+Fuchs presents the world’s smallest AS-Interface safety module – the ultra-compact G10 module with IP67 protection. It is versatile, ultra-compact and easy to mount.

AS-Interface G10 Ultra-Compact Module Download Now

Transform every sensor into an AS-Interface sensor with the G10 from Pepperl+Fuchs. The G10 is the smallest, full-featured AS-I module on the market.

Adding Safety to Your Bus: AS-Interface Products Download Now

Learn more about the AS-Interface Safety systems from Pepperl+Fuchs that enable networking of safety devices (safety door switches, emergency stop pushbuttons, safety light curtains, etc.) using standard AS-Interface networks

AS-Interface G11 Modules Download Now

With the new G11 family of AS-Interface modules, state-of-the-art has yet again been pushed a bit further. Users can take advantage of all the benefits of AS-Interface in addition to superior IP protection (IP68/69k).

AS-Interface - Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide Download Now

This maintenance & troubleshooting guide discusses AS-I system components, how to use them correctly, and how to spot & correct problems—a wealth of information in a useful reference guide that easily fits into your shirt pocket.