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Electrical Explosion Protection Knowledge Base

Electrical Explosion Protection Literature and Tools

EC_NP_Compendium_Explosion_Protection_Regulations_200px NEW! Brochure: Worldwide Explosion Protection Rules and Regulations

The subject of explosion protection becomes even more complex when putting it into global perspective. This publication undertakes the attempt to give an overview and summarize the different rules and regulations for different regions, nations, and parts of the world that contribute key rules and regulations in order to make them transparent and comparable.

Explosion Protection Poster Download PDF Explosion Protection Poster

Our poster gives you quickest possible access to explosion protection knowledge. For gas and dust explosion hazardous areas, it explains the respective zone and division classifications as well as legal and technical product markings and protection principles.

Explosion Protection Brochure: Physical-Technical Principles Brochure: Physical-Technical Principles

Explosions are among the most devastating events that can result from improper plant operation or faulty devices. To minimize these risks, a sound understanding of the chemical substances in use and their safety-relevant attributes is essential. This brochure explains the fundamental principles of explosions.

Explosion Protection Brochure: Types of Protection for Electrical Apparatuses Brochure: Types of Protection for Electrical Apparatus

This brochure offers an overview of the possible types of protection that plant designers and owners can use to protect various electrical apparatuses from explosion hazards. It contains everything you need to know about types of protection in accordance with the IEC/EN 60079 series of standards.

Explosion Protection Brochure: Type of Protection Intrinsic Safety (Ex i) Brochure: Type of Protection “Intrinsic Safety”

This brochure addresses users who design and develop intrinsically safe circuits. It explains special features of these circuits and focuses on verification of intrinsic safety and the basic principles to be observed during installation. The brochure outlines the most important requirements for a simple apparatus in addition to other relevant information.

Dust Explosion Protection Brochure Brochure: Dust Explosion Protection

Combustible dusts are materials that can smolder or burn as heat builds up in the presence of oxygen (e. g., air). If a dust layer is ignited, a combustion will occur. A dust combustion can develop into a dust explosion.This brochure explains types of protection for dust hazardous areas, specifics of combustible dust, functional principle, identification and specifics for use.

Brochure Non-Electrical Explosion Protection Brochure: Non-Electrical Explosion Protection

This brochure aims at managers who deal with non-electrical explosion protection at hazardous plants according to 2014/34/EU. This brochure gives an overview on the procedure of the ignition hazard assessment, on potential ignition sources, and on the constructional countermeasures according to EN ISO 80079-36 and EN ISO 80079-37.

Explosion Protection Brochure IEC/EN 60079 Brochure: IEC/EN 60079-14: Explosion Protection for Technical Plants

Against the background of EU Directive 2014/34/EU, this brochure provides an overview of the identification of possible ignition sources, and how they should be handled in accordance with IEC EN 60079-14.

Explosion Protection Brochure on Ex p Brochure: Type of Protection "Purge and Pressurization"

Purge and pressurization, or simply "pressurization" is a versatile protection method that can be used in a wide variety of applications. Based on the principle of segregation, it is one of the few protection concepts that can be used to provide protection for gas hazards or dust hazards. This publication covers the protection concept in general with many specific references.