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Discover our fair highlights and learn more about "Connected Customization"!

The Deadline

For a sneak peak of our fair highlight, immerse yourself in Berlin after dark: experience the story of a man who has to meet a dangerously close deadline. What is going through his mind? Will he solve his problem? Stay tuned!

Scans from Big to Small

From parts of all sizes to people to machines: intelligent multi-sensor systems with 2-D LiDAR sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs can precisely scan object contours and merge the measured data into a 3-D point cloud. The three-dimensional image of the scanned object is then made available in a standardized format within a few seconds, so other systems can process the data immediately.

Worldwide Scans

With the NeoNeon cloud system from Neoception, a subsidiary of Pepperl+Fuchs, the data can be retrieved worldwide and used for production anywhere—even in batch size 1. The interplay between sensor technology and the cloud creates flexibility, allowing customer requirements to be met on an individual basis. Availability of data all around the world optimizes global operations and increases efficiency.

Experience "Connected Customization" with Pepperl+Fuchs!

Discover the interplay of 2-D LiDAR sensors live at the fair, and meet your digital self! Six sensors are waiting to scan you. Your shape is then turned into a 3-D point cloud that can be sent to NeoNeon in a standardized format for further processing. Your digital portrait is then yours to take home with you—produced in batch size 1. Experience “Connected Customization” with Pepperl+Fuchs!

Three-dimensional bodyscan

Highlights for Factory Automation

R10x and R20x series photoelectric sensors
Versatility Meets Simplicity

As an extension of the R10x series, medium-sized R20x sensors are ideal for longer-range sensing. With rotatable connectors, the new R20x series allows flexible installation, even in space-restricted applications. Learn more about this and other features of the new photoelectric sensor series … more

positioning systems safePXV and safePGV
Maximum Safety—A Good Feeling

Whether for linear positioning or for navigating automated guided vehicles—both new positioning systems, safePXV and safePGV, are the first in the world to enable safe absolute positioning according to SIL 3/PL e with a single sensor. Rely on maximum safety and versatile safety applications … more

HF-RFID read/write heads with an IO-Link interface
Identification Has Never Been Easier

Our new HF RFID read/write heads come with an IO-Link interface and offer a cost-saving, reliable, and versatile solution for identification tasks that require a large number of identification points. Benefit from maximum flexibility and easier operation in a wide range of Industry 4.0 applications ... more

Highlights for Process Automation

safety relays with dual redundant contacts
Dual Protection in Case of Emergency

Emergency situations in process plants call for quick responses. The newly developed safety relays come with dual redundant contacts that ensure reliable activation and deactivation for applications in accordance with IEC61508 up to SIL 3. Learn more about the latest addition to the K-System … more

Tab-Ex® 02 tablet series
Exploring Mobility with the Tab-Ex® 02

The new Tab-Ex® 02 tablet series is equipped with a rugged design, the latest Android N operating system and a variety of innovative functions that make Industry 4.0 applications easy to implement. Discover the new reliable companion for mobile workers under adverse or hazardous operating conditions … more

VisuNet GXP Remote Monitor with RM Shell 5 firmware
Smart HMI Solutions for Industry 4.0

Designed to meet the requirements of the life sciences industry, the VisuNet GXP series features both a compact design paired with a high-performance software. The latest RM Shell 5 firmware generation makes the VisuNet GXP Remote Monitors smart HMI systems. Learn how to easily control and monitor your processes … more

amplify—The Pepperl+Fuchs Magazine

Up in the Cloud(s)

Object Scan

Jump onto an airplane for a few hours and find yourself thousands of miles away: planes take us almost anywhere around the world, and traveling above the clouds is becoming more and more popular. Discover how innovative scanning technology from Pepperl+Fuchs helps ensure that an aircraft is comfortable and, above all, safe ...

Panel Bending 4.0

Panel Bending Machine

Each one is larger and more impressive than the last: In the Salvagnini Maschinenbau GmbH plant in Ennsdorf, Austria, panel bending machines are lined up row by row. In a plant where countless machines are developed and manufactured every day to perform precision work the world over, new technologies are constantly emerging to make panel bending simpler and more efficient. Find out how a digital twin is revolutionizing the sheet metal processing industry and what role Pepperl+Fuchs and its start-up Neoception play in all this ...

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