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High Speed – Wide Range: RFID F97 Innovation [animation]

RFID F97 reading head offers greater flexibility for conveying systems

The F97 is a 54 cm long RFID read/write head. The head has a continuous read range along its entire length that compensates for large differences in the position of the transponders. The reading head is connected directly to the IDENTControl interface and can be joined to the control system via all common fieldbus systems.

Since the F97 operates as an LF identification system, it can even be mounted directly to or between metal parts. The low height and narrow width of 15 mm and 50 mm are an advantage here.

The practical mounting holes inset in the reading head allow for easy installation between conveyor rollers or even to one side of the conveyor route. Reading speeds of up to10 m/s are possible as a result.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Fast reading speeds up to10 m/s
  • Ideal for fast, modern conveyor systems
  • 500 mm wide read lobe for large tolerances in the tag position
  • Additional guide elements for positioning the container can be omitted