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More Efficient Onboard Scales with the F99-Fusion Inertial Measurement Unit

Reliable inclination monitoring during dynamic movement

The F99-Fusion increases efficiency in dynamic applications.

The application

Onboard weighing systems are used to calculate the weight of materials on mobile equipment. Modern wheel loaders or port cranes calculate material weight loaded directly in the bucket or on the crane. Unlike conventional scales, a centralized weighing location is not needed. Load weighing is carried out directly at the mobile equipment location.

The goal

When calculating weight on mobile equipment, measurement errors often occur due to external acceleration. Vehicle braking, acceleration, or driving along curves may affect measurements. To prevent incorrect measurements, the vehicle would normally have to make a complete stop to calculate weight accurately. For time and financial reasons, this is not an option. The goal is to compensate for such disruptions and optimize weight detection during the vehicle's journey.

The solution

The intelligent combination of an acceleration sensor and a gyroscope ensures that the F99-Fusion is capable of compensating for external accelerations and that a high-precision inclination measurement is possible. Using this acceleration-compensated inclination data, the weight calculation is carried out during the ongoing work process without delays.

The benefits

The F99-Fusion is suitable for outdoor applications.
The F99-Fusion is suitable for outdoor applications.

Thanks to the intelligent Sensor Fusion Algorithm, the inertial measurement unit F99-Fusion ensures an accurate decentralized weight calculation. Specially developed for outdoor use (IP68/69K) and use on public roads (E1 and GL approval), it is suitable for a wide range of applications. This increases the efficiency of the overall process.

At a glance

  • Compensation of multidirectional acceleration enables quick, precise, and dynamic inclination measurement
  • Variety of measurement outputs for complete application flexibility
  • IP68/IP69K rating and protective mounting bracket provide maximum durability for outdoor use
  • E1 and GL approvals allow a wide range of applications, including off-road and marine