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포지션 인코딩 시스템 WCS

Pepperl+Fuchs의 앱솔루트 리니어 엔코더 WCS 시스템은 다양한 산업용 및 상업용 어플리케이션에 밀리미터까지의 매우 세밀한 위치 피드백을 제공합니다.

오버헤드 모노레일, 컨베이어, 크레인, 자동 스토리지 및 검색 시스템뿐만 아니라 엘리베이터 및 영화관 무대 조명 시스템에 WCS 시스템 적용으로 작동 성능을 한층 높은 수준으로 높입니다.

  • WCS read heads: A u-shaped read head provides non-contact photoelectric scanning of the code rail.
  • WCS interface modules: A wide range of interface modules are available for connecting the WCS read heads to standard interfaces. Up to four read heads can be connected simultaneously to all but the SSI interface.
  • WCS mechanics: Rugged and flexible code rails are required for read heads to work over a defined distance. Our dirt-resistant code rails are suitable for curved tracks, inclines, etc. Pepperl+Fuchs also offers mounting bracket systems for laying code rails, aluminum profile systems for especially long distances, and a guide trolley to ensure the reader stays on track even in heavy duty vibration applications.

Accessories include:

  • Twisted-pair cable (suitable for drag chains)
  • WCS read head and LM block spare parts
  • Protective housing for retrofitting read head


  • Reliable and precise absolute position detection with the sophisticated position encoding system
  • Reliable position detection even on curved tracks, inclines, declines, lane changes, and gradients
  • Flexible integration due to compatibility with all common control systems
  • IP69 protective housing for use in extreme outdoor applications in shipping ports and electroplating plants
  • Simple setup and error indication: translucent protective housing enables clearly visible LED status indicators and display

Position Encoding System WCS

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