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La tecnología RFID gestiona el control de acceso

Noncontact control and logging with RFID technology

The Application

As you would expect, access to sensitive areas is restricted and must be reliably monitored. This applies to airports and other safety-relevant facilities, offices, laboratories, and production facilities. Other examples include hazardous areas such as tank farms and the use of certain elevators. For safety and regulatory requirements, access must be monitored and logged in detail, including the duration of stay in the monitored area. 

The Goal

Protected areas may be entered only with valid access authorization. Access and stay are logged automatically. It is essential that the access authorization for a person can be extended, restricted, or withdrawn at any time. Any change must immediately take effect in the system. The monitoring process must also be as fully automatic, simple, and quick as possible, to take up a minimal amount of time for the authorized user. 

The Solution

IPH-FP-V1 RFID read/ write head
IPH-FP-V1 RFID read/ write head

Noncontact access monitoring is performed by the compact IPH-FP-V1 RFID read/write head. Authorized users receive an RFID tag that can be integrated, for example, into a check card (IPC03-C1) or a key fob (IPC03-20K*). The read/write head records the data, links it with a timestamp, and forwards it. Typically, the data is sent to a PC-based control center that is responsible for logging data and managing access authorizations. Access rights are stored there with any scale and differentiation. Changes take effect immediately; for example, lost access cards can be blocked immediately. 


Technical Features:

  • Connection with V1 connector (M12 x 1)
  • Dual LED for function indicator
  • IPH-FP-V1 read/write head with IP67 rating
  • For connection to the IDENTControl control interface 

La tarjeta y el lector RFID gestionan los derechos de acceso

The Benefits

Access control using RFID is very convenient for authorized users. The ID containing the tag only needs to be near the read/write head briefly. If the owner has the relevant authorization, access is granted immediately. Access times and the duration of stay can be logged automatically and with no additional effort for the people involved. The tags can be used in hazardous areas with an appropriate enclosure. They can serve as advertising media or employee ID. Authorization levels can be flexibly adjusted. The tag is passed over the read/write head in a noncontact and wear-free manner

At a Glance

  • RFID technology enables quick and easy access monitoring for authorized users
  • Noncontact, wear-free, durable
  • Access data can be logged automatically
  • Access authorizations can be managed centrally, differentiated as required, and updated at any time
  • Can be used in hazardous areas


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