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VisuNet Operator Panels at Florena in Waldheim, Germany [Reference]

Project details

VisuNet GMP operator panel
VisuNet GMP operator panel

Customer | Florena

Project | Optimization of production processes

Location | Waldheim, Germany

Completion | 2011

VisuNet GMP compliant operator panels are implemented for Florena production processes. Benefits from the installation include:

  • Production errors are reduced
  • Process tracking is simplified
  • Raw materials management is optimized

The project

The customer

Since 1852, personal care products have been produced in the city of Waldheim, Germany. The history of the plant began as “Waldheimer Parfümerie- und Toilettenseifenfabrik” (Perfumery and Toilet Soap Factory Waldheim). Today, the manufacturing plants are led by  Beiersdorf AG as an autonomous GmbH (limited liability company). About 350 employees manufacture more than 160 different products. Production includes Florena cosmetics and the brands Nivea and Eucerin.

Requirements for the production processes have increased over time. By implementing GMP-compliant operator panels from the VisuNet GMP family, Florena saw benefits within production processes:

  • Production errors are reduced
  • Process tracking is simplified
  • Raw materials management is optimized

The project requirements

The Beiersdorf Production Center Waldheim project team identified key areas to optimize processes and created a concept to use operator panels. To ensure user support during formula processing and weighing processes, the team defined specific requirements for the operator panels:

  • Connect to the existing process management system
  • Centralized control
  • Ability to shift between lines to avoid production downtime
  • GMP-compliant mechanics
  • Able to connect barcode readers
  • Flexible mounting options

The solution

The project team selected VisuNet GMP remote monitors. The remote monitors connected to the existing production management system and accomodated a centralized control. The network-capable remote monitors communicated as thin clients via an Ethernet-based network with process control system, SPSs, or Host PCs. A Windows-based VisuNet Control Center program allows management, maintenance, and control of all remote monitors in the network remotely from a computer. VisuNet's versatile mounting options and optimal display size to monitor size were ideal for tight mounting spaces within the plant.

The remote monitors were connected with an existing client-server structure via an Ethernet-based network. The central process management system administrates formulas and records entries performed at the operator panels. Data is easily monitored and evaluated. The operator panels support the user and minimized errors during formula processing and weighing processes. Work instructions and formulas are centrally stored and can be called up at any operator panel.