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Detecting Boom Height on Agricultural Machine

Ultrasonic sensors ensure uniform spray coverage

Crop sprayers apply liquid fertilizers and pesticides over farmland during the growing period. Controlling the sprayer height is critical to this process. If the sprayer height is too high, the dispensed product may simply blow away in the wind. If too low, spray will not evenly distribute. Or worse yet, a low sprayer mechanism can collide with the crops or ground.

To ensure consistent, optimum spray coverage over uneven terrain and varying crop height, and to prevent the boom from impacting crops or soil, its height must be continuously monitored and adjusted.

Crop sprayer in action. Spray nozzles are mounted at defined intervals. Ultrasonic sensors control the boom height as the machine crosses the field.

Robust and reliable

Immune to the effects of dust, dirt, and chemicals, and with the ability to detect surfaces of any color with identical accuracy, 30GM Series ultrasonic sensors are well suited for agricultural applications.

Fast and efficient

As the machine crosses the field, 30GM Series ultrasonic sensors continuously monitor the distance to the crop canopy and transfer this reading as an analog value to the vehicle controller.

The spray height is correspondingly raised or lowered to follow the contour, ensuring the fertilizer and pesticide distribution remains consistent. With automated boom height control, drivers can concentrate fully on navigating their machine and finishing their job with optimum efficiency and speed.

Feedback from the 30GM Series ultrasonic sensors enables liquid fertilizers and pesticides to be sprayed over the crops at a consistent height.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Automatic adjustment of boom height
  • Fertilizers and pesticides are evenly spread
  • Prevents crop and machine damage
  • Shorter cultivation time
  • Rugged and durable

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