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How to Search for Product Information

Pepperl+Fuchs offers extensive detailed and helpful information for our products. Technical information includes datasheets, manuals, approvals, certificates, and more. We cover your needs when it comes to information on our products! Let our site search help you find what you need. Here's how to use our search tool, located in the upper right corner of our website:

1. Type a model number (typecode) into the search box

Make sure you've selected 'Products' as a filtered search
Based on your search term, our product search will retrieve one or more results. We'll also let you know if we can't find any results, and give you tips to improve your search, or you can contact us with your request.

2. Click on a product from the search results

Click on a product in the search results, and go directly to its specific page. That's where you'll find all the technical information for the product.

3. Click on the technical information you'd like to see

From the product page, you can choose whether you want to view or download datasheets, technical documents, CAD+CAE drawings,  or approvals and certificates. If available, you can choose different language versions of your documents.

4. More search features!

Use our helpful filters to fine tune your search. Whether you know the beginning, end, or just a part of the model number (typecode) or product, these search features will help you find what you are looking for!