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Ultrasonic Sensors Detect Fill Level for Bulk Goods

Ultrasonic sensors monitor sewage sludge levels

Waste water treatment produces enormous amounts of sewage sludge on a daily basis. This waste product has to be processed or properly disposed of. Either way, it is necessary to load the sewage sludge into appropriate transport containers. Ultrasonic sensors monitor the process to prevent overfilling of the containers.

Fill level is monitored by an ultrasonic sensor and output as an analog value. When the maximum fill level is reached, the sensor delivers an additional switching signal to stop the flow of the material.

30GM70 Series prevents overfilling

The ultrasonic sensor Series 30GM70 continuously detects the height of the contents in the container and prevents overfilling
The ultrasonic sensor Series 30GM70 continuously detects the height of the contents in the container and prevents overfilling

The "cone-shaped" accumulation of bulk goods in containers calls for appropriate sensor mounting. To ensure adequate sound reflection as the fill level increases, align the ultrasonic sensor's projection cone at a slight angle towards the center of the material cone. Depending on the measuring distance and other requirements, you can use a sensor from the 30GM70 Series.

The UCC3500-30GH70-IE2R2-V15 ultrasonic sensor is ideal for this application. It features a measuring range of 20 cm … 350 cm, an analog output of 4 mA … 20 mA, and an additional switching output. It is possible to ensure continuous level measurement and overfill protection from a greater distance.

Simple commissioning with ULTRA-PROG-IR software

For commissioning and parameterization, we recommend the use of the UC-18/30GM-IR USB programming device and the ULTRA-PROG-IR program. This setup allows you to view the object distance and the echo signal strength. It enables simple adaptation of the analog and switching point in the sensor.

To ensure a continuous measuring signal even with material slippage, program an average value of 250 to prevent sudden changes in the measured value.

Due to continuous level measurement, waste water treatment plant operators stay informed on the current fill level of the disposal containers in the control room and can ensure proper removal and emptying of full containers.

The 30GM Series ultrasonic sensor is especially impressive, with a high resistance to aggressive vapors as well as a PTFE-coated ultrasonic transducer and the V4A stainless steel housing.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Continuous level measurement
  • Overfill protection
  • Durable and robust sensor solution with V4A stainless steel housing
  • Simple commissioning and programming

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