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Show Me Your Code and I Will Tell You Who You Are - Universal Code Reader ODV120

Why is traceability so important?

For each manufacturing company, smooth production is of essential importance. But what if the production doesn’t run as smoothly as planned and defective products have to be recalled? Apart from a potentially damaged reputation, product recalls can have significant costs ...

The universal code reader ODV120
The universal code reader ODV120

The universal code reader ODV120 permits comprehensive tracing of individual components. Product tracing is particularly important in the automotive supply sector.

If a fault occurs in a vehicle, such as the PCB in the control electronics of a braking system, the manufacturer should be able to quickly identify the relevant components and be able to trace their entire production process. An exact definition of the specific vehicles that were equipped with the faulty components is also necessary. Potential costs for a product recall can be significantly reduced.

The universal code reader ODV120 permits comprehensive tracing of individual components in the automotive industry


To ensure traceability, every single component is provided with labels containing individual data sets, such as item number, production location, time, date, or serial number.

While a stamp is applying the labels, the universal code reader ODV120 simultaneously reads the codes. With the help of optical identification, products can be uniquely identified before entering the pick-and-place machines, or before and after specific test steps.

Benefits of the universal code reader ODV120

  • Reads all standard stationary and moving barcodes and 2D codes
  • Label identification in any position in the direction of movement
  • Large reading window reads a range of code sizes
  • Large depth of focus for reading codes at different distances with a single setting
  • Compact plastic housing is available
  • Ethernet interface offers simple operation using a web browser