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Taking care of orchards with ultrasonic sensors

With a sensing range of 35 cm … 600 cm the 30GM70 can easily detect gaps between the trees
With a sensing range of 35 cm … 600 cm the 30GM70 can easily detect gaps between the trees

Taking care of orchards requires careful attention. For good harvests, and to ensure their survival and fertility, it is necessary to protect the trees from pests and diseases. To help keep the trees in top condition, chemical products are applied through a special spraying process. These products generate high costs for farmers. In order to sell the harvest at a reasonable price, the spraying operation must be as efficient as possible.

Using the conventional method, pesticides are continuously sprayed - even in between the trees where there are only empty rows. Using ultrasonic sensors can save on pesticides by detecting tree gaps. As soon as one of these gaps is recognized, the spraying process temporarily stops.

Targeted control reduces farmers’ costs

The ultrasonic sensor 30GM70 Series is well-suited for this application. Due to the extremely robust ultrasonic sensor technology and its high IP protection degree, you can use the sensors under all weather conditions without losing performance. The hardiness of these sensors makes them resistant to chemicals contained in pesticides.

The ultrasonic sensor 30GM70 Series allows direct application of the pesticides

Simple commissioning

Mount the ultrasonic sensors on the side of the holding tank. Choose a sensor with an adequate range and signal strength because tree trunks are not ideal reflectors for ultrasonic sensors. The UC6000-30GM70-2E2R2-V15, with a sensing range of 35 cm … 600 cm and two switching outputs, is ideal for this application.

The teach adapter UC-18/30GM-IR and the program ULTRA-PROG-IR make installation and parameterization even easier. With these tools, you can visualize the object distance and the echo signal strength.

On the mounting location, the limits of the sound cone must be considered and reduced by 20% to avoid the influence of atomized spray or fog at close range.

Ultrasonic sensors detect individual trees and the spraying process temporarily stops in the gaps between the trees. You can achieve cost and time savings because the holding tank does not need to be refilled as often.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Cost and time savings through reduction of pesticides
  • Robust and durable sensor solution
  • High ranges for accurate detection of objects
  • Easy installation and parameterization

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