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Easy Control of Refuse Collection Vehicles with Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic sensors allow safe mobile equipment operations

Ultrasonic sensors from the 30GM70 Series control the fill level on the inside of vehicles
Ultrasonic sensors from the 30GM70 Series control the fill level on the inside of vehicles
For reliable operation, mobile equipment requires sensors that can withstand the harshest conditions on a daily basis. Extreme temperatures, violent jolting, and vibrations are common challenges for these vehicles. Ultrasonic sensors, which are used on vehicles like refuse collection trucks, must be extremely robust to guarantee safe operation. The ultrasonic sensors are used on the vehicles for a range of different applications.

18GM40 Series detects the size of the refuse containers

When a refuse container moves toward the lift unit of the refuse collection vehicle, the UB300-18GM40A ultrasonic sensor detects the size of the container. Both lifts are required to move a large container with a volume of 1100 liters; the two lifts work together to transport the container. When two small containers or a single small container are lifted, the lifts are controlled individually as required.

L2 Series for safeguarding lifting and tipping operations

When the container is lowered, the area below the container must be monitored. Monitoring is important to prevent people from being injured or other obstacles being hit by the container and damaged. A total of four UC2000-L2 type ultrasonic sensors monitor this area.

30GM70 Series monitors the contents of the vehicle

The feed area fill level for the vehicle refuse container is monitored using UC2000-30GM70 type ultrasonic sensors in one-way barrier mode. If the feed area is too full, the container can no longer be emptied correctly and refuse may fall off the vehicle. For this reason, when the rear area is about to overflow, the vehicle's hydraulic press is always activated in a timely manner by the ultrasonic sensor, and the refuse is pressed down toward the center of the vehicle.

The ultrasonic sensors help to ensure fault-free and virtually automatic operation

Your benefits at a glance

  • Safeguarding the lifting and set-down area for the refuse container
  • Efficient and fault-free emptying sequence without the need for manual intervention
  • Automatic container size detection
  • Overflow monitoring of the feed area on the vehicle

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