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Inertial Measurement Unit Ensures Steering-Angle Limit on Inclines

Reliable inclination monitoring during dynamic movement

The inertial measurement unit F99 is used for vehicle inclination detection

The application

Inclination monitoring on large vehicles like wheel loaders, dump, or lift trucks is particularly important in order to avoid damage to equipment or personnel. If these machines are used in uneven areas, a sharp turning angle in an inclined position can cause the vehicle to tilt. This risk is significantly increased for articulated wheel loaders or dump trucks with a very short turning radius.

The goal

The sharper the steering angle of the vehicle, the higher the risk of an accident. The steering angle has to be limited based on the vehicle's inclination. It is necessary to reliably monitor the overall inclination of the vehicle even during dynamic driving. External influences must not affect the measurement results.

The solution

The IMU F99 ensures external acceleration compensation and enables high-precision inclination measurement.

The inertial measurement unit F99 detects vehicle inclination. It is ideal for this task, as external accelerations during braking, vehicle acceleration, or driving along curves can be compensated. Due to the intelligent combination of an acceleration sensor and a gyroscope, the IMU F99 ensures compensation of external accelerations and enables high-precision inclination measurement. The steering angle can always be regulated in order to prevent vehicle tilt.

The benefits

The IMU F99 is specially developed for outdoor use.
The IMU F99 is specially developed for outdoor use.

Due to the intelligent Sensor Fusion Algorithm, the inertial measurement unit F99 allows reliable inclination measurement even during dynamic movement. It is suitable for outdoor use (IP68/IP69K) and with E1 approval, also applicable in public road transport, personnel injury and equipment damage are reliably prevented.

At a glance

  • Accurate inclination measurement also during movement through compensation of dynamic acceleration without loss of time
  • Variety of measurement outputs for complete application flexibility
  • IP68/IP69K rating and protective mounting bracket provides maximum durability for outdoor use
  • E1 and GL approvals allow a wide range of applications, including off-road and marine