Enhancing project performance.
Speeding up commissioning.
Simplifying operation.

HiC2441 Universal Barrier—A Universal Solution for Every Signal Type

A Milestone in Interface Technology

The HiC2441 universal barrier from Pepperl+Fuchs is setting new performance standards in large-scale process equipment projects. As the world's first isolated barrier, it independently recognizes I/O requirements and automatically adapts to virtually any type of field input signal and DCS/-ESD system. Due to this unique functionality, the HiC2441 is considered a milestone in the field of interface technology. Explore the advantages that this innovative technology offers!


 Automatically adjusts to the signal type—no configuration necessary
Fast, safe, and easy commissioning
Reduces planning, engineering,  and configuration costs
Easy, tool-free module installation and  reduction in required maintenance


Multifunctional use

Multifunctional Use

With the multifunctional universal barrier, you will always have the right device at hand, regardless of the signal type. This eliminates time-consuming module selection and also reduces maintenance.
Fast and Safe Commissioning

Fast and Safe Commissioning

The universal barrier enables safe and easy implementation without additional hardware or software settings. Thus, configuration-related errors are impossible.
Reduced Wiring Time

Reduced Wiring Time

The HiC2441 universal barrier allows the termination board to be prewired without having to consider the signal type. This means that there is no need to focus on space, costs, and wiring time for marshalling cabinets.
Less space required for spare parts

Less Space Required for Spare Parts

With the HiC2441 universal barrier, spare components occupy dramatically less space since a single module can be stored universally, regardless of the signal type.

New Level of Flexibility

Universal Barrier

With Pepperl+Fuchs’ HiC2441 universal barrier, considering differences in signal requirements and the resulting limitations is a thing of the past. This enables control cabinet standardization and considerably reduces planning, engineering, parameterization, and maintenance time. Due to remote access, parameterization changes that previously took days can now be handled within minutes via the DCS universal input card. This way, even ad hoc changes to the requirements of a process automation project are successful.

The universal barrier is part of the proven H-System from Pepperl+Fuchs. Leading control system manufacturers can now enjoy the benefits of pre-assembled termination boards with specific system connectors, regardless of the signal type.

Animation—HiC2441 Universal Barrier

In this video, learn more about the HiC2441's features and how the universal barrier ensures high plant availability.

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