Hydrogen for the Future of Energy, Industry, and Transportation

Using Sensor Technology and Explosion Protection from Pepperl+Fuchs.

Sensor Technology and Explosion Protection for the Hydrogen Industry

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. On Earth, it is not found alone, but mostly in combination with oxygen as H2O—water. The chemical element plays a crucial role in combating climate change. This is because, in addition to the use of renewable energies for power generation and electromobility, an alternative is needed for fossil fuels in industry and heavy-duty transport. Hydrogen has a decisive advantage here: its combustion does not produce any climate-damaging CO2 emissions; all that remains is water vapor.

However, there are many challenges associated with the generation, distribution and use of hydrogen. With over 70 years of experience in the fields of sensor technology and explosion protection, we stand by the hydrogen industry and offer a broad portfolio along the entire value chain. It is in our DNA to tackle new requirements around hydrogen—together with you. Discover our HydroGene! 


Optimum energy yield from wind turbines and solar plants—generating green energy for electrolysis
Safety on all transport routes—whether pipeline, ship, rail, or truck
Efficient and sustainable use of hydrogen in transport and industry
Global service and individual support in the joint development of a solution

Waterstof—Achterhaalde Technologie?

Iedereen spreekt vandaag de dag over waterstof als energiebespaarder, maar eigenlijk werd het decennia geleden al gebruikt. Sindsdien is er echter wel het één en ander veranderd. Onze industriedeskundigen Wolfgang Weber en Thomas Schnepf bespreken wat er nu anders is.

Welkom in Onze Wereld

Waterstof voor de toekomst van energie, industrie en mobiliteit—ontdek waar Pepperl+Fuchs de waterstofeconomie steunt met haar oplossingen op het gebied van industriële sensortechnologie en explosiebeveiliging.

Renewable energies for green hydrogen

Renewable Energies for Green Hydrogen

To produce hydrogen in a climate-friendly way, water is split into hydrogen and oxygen in an electrolysis process using renewable energies. The value chain of "green" hydrogen therefore begins even before its actual production. Pepperl+Fuchs offers a wide range of components that optimize the energy yield in wind and solar plants—from encoders and inductive sensors on the rotor blade of a wind turbine to inclination sensors that align solar collectors perfectly with the sun.

Productie van Groene Waterstof door Elektrolyse

Als basisvoorwaarde voor een groene, CO2-neutrale waterstof geldt dat de elektrolyse wordt uitgevoerd met elektriciteit afkomstig uit hernieuwbare bronnen. In het elektrolyseproces worden watermoleculen opgesplitst in waterstof en zuurstof. Om de continue veiligheid en betrouwbaarheid van de processen te garanderen, zijn passende explosiebeschermingsmaatregelen van essentieel belang. Bovendien kan innovatieve sensortechnologie de automatisering van de productie van PEM-elektrolysers voor elektrolyse verbeteren. Met meer dan 70 jaar aan ervaring in explosiebeveiliging en sensortechnologie, en een uitgebreide productportfolio staat Pepperl+Fuchs u terzijde bij de productie van groene waterstof.

Elektrolyse waterstofgas H2

Safety on All Transport Routes

Whether by pipeline, ship, rail or truck, transporting hydrogen is technically challenging. Not only because it is an explosive gas, but also because it must be compressed for transport. A variety of products and solutions from Pepperl+Fuchs that reliably monitor valve positions and ensure safe signal transmission are suitable for use in gas pressure control and measurement systems as well as on gas tankers.

Transport of Hydrogen

Use of Hydrogen in Industry

Hydrogen plays an important role in replacing fossil fuels in industry, for example, in the particularly energy-intensive production of chemicals, cement, or steel. Pepperl+Fuchs offers the industry various sensor solutions for monitoring valves on transport pipelines and smart glasses to support their maintenance, as well as interface technology for burner control and identification solutions for AGVs operated with hydrogen.

Hydrogen in Industry

Safe and Convenient Refueling at the Hydrogen Filling Station

While the actual refueling process at a hydrogen filling station is not much different from that at a conventional filling station, there are many things that run differently in the background: from the delivery of the hydrogen to its storage and dispensing at the pump. This is because, just like its fossil predecessors, hydrogen poses an explosion hazard, so measures for explosion protection play a key role. Various products and solutions from Pepperl+Fuchs, which are certified for explosion hazardous areas, ensure both safe processes and a convenient refueling process.

Hydrogen Filling Station


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