Driving standardization.
Eliminating complexity.
Maximizing performance.

Ethernet IO Modules
with IO-Link Master



Multi-Protocol Solution

The multi-protocol solution enables direct Ethernet communication from all standard PLCs to the fieldbus modules. These modules handle PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT which reduces the number of components needed, supporting standardization in plant design. This also simplifies machine building for international markets, as one module covers different requirements.
Innovative communication technology for improved performance

Improved Connectivity

The L-coded M12 connector has a higher current rating of up to 2x16 A, providing a 70 % performance increase. As a result, fewer power cables are needed, higher peak loads can be met, and more modules can be daisy-chained together. The general standardization of the compact M12 connection brings plant operators maximum efficiency and uniform system design.
Decentralized intelligence for efficient processes

Decentralized Intelligence

The integrated logic of the new Ethernet IO modules makes it possible to solve applications self-sufficiently in the module itself, and to relieve control levels. This shortens response times and reduces communication expenditure generating more efficient processes.
Ethernet IO Modules with IO-Link Master


Communication between IO-Link sensors/actuators and a fieldbus module with integrated IO-Link master enables parameterization, transmission of process and status data, and extended diagnostics. This communication base is a building block for future Sensorik4.0® applications—opening up new advantages in terms of plant transparency.

Sensorik4.0®: Future-Proof Automation with IO-Link

Ethernet IO Modules with IO-Link Master

Highlights of the IO-Link Master

Enables continuous diagnostics and parameterization right down into the sensor/actuator level
Simplifies device replacement and commissioning: Automatic transfer of preconfigured parameters when several sensors are connected.
Supports 8 IO-Link channels for sensors (Type A) and actuators (Type B)
Is based on simple and economical wiring with unshielded standard cables
Is future-proof thanks to IO-Link standard IEC 61131-9

Decentralized Logic Simplifies PLC Software

With local control and decentralized operations, fieldbus communication and software components are not required in the main control panel—only diagnostic data are transmitted upstream.

The benefit of this can be seen in a conveyor system, where parts are sorted by correct position and size and, if necessary, removed via a compressed air control system. This process requires extremely quick reaction times, which are achieved by directly connecting inputs and outputs into the module.

Quick reaction times are possible because additional time needed for communication is no longer required, and time-sensitive dependencies on other processes are eliminated.

ilustração dos módulos ICE1 com redundância S2

Mestre IO-Link para sistemas de alta confiabilidade

Série ICE1 com redundância S2

Para evitar tempos de inatividade não planejados e custos associados em aplicações críticas, como na indústria química ou farmacêutica, a Pepperl+Fuchs desenvolveu um mestre IO-Link com redundância S2. Ele estabelece um mecanismo de sincronização redundante, garantindo que um PLC de fallback assuma o controle do processo no caso de um erro. O controlador primário é usado para comunicação cíclica, enquanto o controlador secundário é executado apenas em segundo plano e assume a comunicação, se necessário.

O invólucro de zinco fundido e a gama de temperatura estendida tornam os módulos ICE1 com redundância S2 ideais para aplicações exigentes nos setores químico e farmacêutico.

Quick Diagnostics, Maximum Transparency

The modules maintain maximum process transparency: Diagnostic parameters can be monitored directly from the module through a web interface or communicated back to the PLC. An integrated web server allows to access the device directly through a web browser, making it possible to view important information and change network parameters such as IP addresses and subnet masks.

LEDs are available on the modules, providing continuous status information and enabling channel-specific diagnosis. This increases productivity by allowing faults to be detected and fixed more efficiently.


Quick diagnostics deliver transparency

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