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MotionScan—Dual-Technology Sensor for Increased Safety of Automatic Sliding Doors


MotionScan—Sensor for automatic sliding doors
MotionScan senses approaching people quickly and reliably.

Whether at airports, shopping centers, or museums—a crowd of people passing through automatic sliding doors needs to be reliably detected, and collisions need to be prevented. The new MotionScan dual-technology sensor combines these two functions. The large radar detection field senses when people approach and opens the automatic door in a timely manner, while the active infrared sensor avoids the danger presented by closing doors. The large infrared detection field ensures that the leading edge of the door is protected, providing the highest degree of safety and collision protection.

MotionScan—The two-in-one sensor combines radar detection and infrared technology, allowing quick and safe opening of automatic sliding doors amid high pedestrian traffic. The large 4 m x 4 m radar detection field senses approaching people reliably.

Reliable in Any Situation

MotionScan works well with various kinds of floor surfaces—whether high-gloss marble, stone tiles, or grids. The adjustable protection and detection fields, as well as a mounting height of up to 3.20 m make MotionScan ideal for a wide range of applications. To provide the highest degree of safety and collision protection, three rows of adjustable infrared emitters are used to create a protection field starting from the door up to a maximum distance of 1.10 m. Integrated direction monitoring also optimizes the door opening cycle, reducing temperature loss from the building.

Infrared technology for safety, radar technology for door opening

Easy to Install and Operate

With its automatic teach-in function and the installation instructions printed on the sensor, installing and commissioning MotionScan is quick and easy. The operating mode is user-friendly and clearly displayed via a multicolored LED.

Highlights at a Glance

  • Large 4 x 4 m radar detection field and fast response time open doors quickly for a smooth flow of pedestrian traffic
  • The highest degree of safety due to the large adjustable infrared protection field
  • Reliable operation on various floor surfaces
  • Easy to install and user-friendly with automatic teach-in function and a multicolored LED



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