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Looking for a purge and pressurization system and not quite sure of your options? The purge quick configurator tool will guide you quickly and easily through the most important points.

Configure your Pepperl+Fuchs Bebco EPS Purge and Pressurization Systems

倍加福公司BebcoEPS 吹扫/正压通风柜控制器为电子设备安装于危险场合提供了安全和经济的解决方案。标准的机柜内部形成正压环境成为安全区域,这样一般的设备都可以应用于危险场合。

Bebco EPS系列产品的组成以及附件:
• 一般设备可安装于受保护的机柜内部,可安全的在危险区使用
• 机柜内部聚集的可燃气体被吹扫出去,并且放置可燃气体或者易燃粉尘进入到正压的机柜中

吹扫/正压通风处理的一个最大的优势在于,使用普通的 Type 4/12机柜作为被保护机柜即可,这样相对于隔爆方式而言节省了投资、放置空间并且减轻了重量等。


This purge and pressurization system takes hazardous area protection to a new level of innovation and confidence. Designed for Class I or II/Div. 2 and Zone 2/22 locations, it provides unique features in an extremely small housing …

Get to know the smartest way to ensure hazardous location protection and configure your individual purge and pressurization system!

Our interactive app gives you a step-by-step programming simulation for your purge and pressurization system. Download the free-of-charge app for iOS or Android devices now …