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The Innovative PXV Positioning System—Proven Technology Upgraded to Perfection


PXV Absolute Positioning System
PXV Absolute Positioning System

Setting new standards in terms of reliability, noise immunity, and handling, Pepperl+Fuchs‘ PXV absolute positioning system has consolidated the company's position as a technology leader in the field of positioning systems. The PXV system is based on a proven and unique technology which combines a 2-D camera system with a multi-redundant Data Matrix code band. Discover the benefits of 2-D-code-based positioning over conventional 1-D code solutions, and rely on the most reliable positioning system on the market.

Multiple redundancies and noise immunity

The new PXV positioning system is equipped with a 120 mm x 80 mm scan window. The sensor reads up to five Data Matrix codes in a single read operation.  The reader extracts the information contained in the codes, then calculates the exact position in relation to the camera's center. Using Data Matrix codes as information carriers allows data to be redundantly mapped. Due to these multiple redundancies, the PXV is extremely resistant to interference. Even if one or more Data Matrix codes are so dirty or damaged that only individual parts are legible, the PXV ensures reliable absolute positioning at any time.

Easy installation and fast commissioning

The Data Matrix code band of the PXV positioning system is self-adhesive and is available in customized lengths. In combination with the sensor‘s wide scan window and great depth of focus, it significantly facilitates installation. The PXV only needs to be approximately aligned to the code band, which makes commissioning quick and easy. Additional data of Y axes and Z axes ensure optimum position of the reader across the entire measuring range. RS-485, SSI, PROFINET, and EtherNet/IP interfaces are integrated in the sensor‘s housing. These interfaces, and parameterization via Data Matrix control codes, PC, or the control system, enable a smooth system integration.

The PXV absolute positioning system smoothly masters tight curve radius.

Flexibility in versatile applications

Tight curve radius, strong ascents and strong descents, and line breaks of up to 75 mm are not an obstacle for the PXV.  The new absolute positioning system handles a variety of applications without any adjustment of tracking range. Due to the unique code band length of up to 100,000 m, the PXV is suitable for very large industrial plants. Typical applications are:

  • Positioning of stacker cranes in warehousing and material handling
  • Positioning of skid units or overhead monorail systems in automotive industry
  • Alignment of rotary tables in machine engineering

PXV positioning system at a glance

  • Unique combination of 2-D camera and self-adhesive Data Matrix code band
  • Insensitive to soiling or damage of the code band due to multiple redundancies
  • Exact absolute positioning even on tight curve radius, strong ascents and descents, as well as line breaks of up to 75 mm
  • Easy camera parameterization via Data Matrix control codes, PC, or control system
  • Extremely robust due to elimination of mechanical parts
  • Customizable code band length (up to 100,000 m)

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