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Maximum Precision for Dynamic Applications: The F99-Fusion Inertial Measurement Unit


The F99-Fusion inclination sensor
The F99-Fusion opens up new possibilities.

Whether they are leveling cranes or controlling elevators – inclination and acceleration sensors provide users with important information about their angular alignment. In many cases, they have to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Thus, inclination and acceleration sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs are extremely robust, while always ensuring precise measurements. However, conventional inclination sensors stretch beyond their limits as soon as forces other than gravity act on the sensors. The F99-Fusion inertial measurement unit offers precise inclination measurement in applications where there is dynamic movement. Due to the intelligent combination of acceleration sensor and gyroscope in one device, the F99-Fusion compensates for external accelerations, enabling new applications and greater flexibility.

Compensation for external acceleration

Conventional inclination sensors provide information about their angular alignment based on the principle of gravitational acceleration measurement. However, they are not able to distinguish external from gravitational acceleration. As soon as forces other than gravity act on the sensor, such as turns or braking, conventional inclination sensors are error-prone. The F99-Fusion Inertial Measurement Unit has been specially engineered for applications where there is dynamic movement. It can compensate for external acceleration, ensuring precise inclination detection, even in dynamic motion. 

Intelligent combination

The intelligent Sensor Fusion Algorithm enables maximum precision for dynamic applications.

What makes this all work is an intelligent Sensor Fusion Algorithm. With the F99-Fusion, Pepperl+Fuchs combines an acceleration sensor and a gyroscope into a single device. The Sensor Fusion Algorithm links the information of the sensor elements so that the system is able to compensate for external acceleration and provide the user with precise inclination data – no matter whether the system is in motion, accelerating, or braking. 

In addition, the F99-Fusion allows you to optimally configure the output data: depending on the individual requirements, you can select different filters, so that users are always provided with the appropriate output. Both the raw data from the individual sensor elements, as well as preconfigured output data are available to the user. Thanks to the intelligent Sensor Fusion Algorithm, data is calculated in real time and can be output immediately. 

Increased efficiency

The F99-Fusion provides 360° measurement.
The F99-Fusion provides 360° measurement.

With two integrated three-axis sensor elements, all data can always be measured in the X, Y, and Z direction, enabling a 360° angular value calculation. As a result, applications that previously required multiple devices can now be solved with only one F99-Fusion sensor. This not only reduces installation effort and time, but also costs.

In addition, the innovative mounting concept of inclination and acceleration sensors from Pepperl+Fuchs makes it easier to change devices. F99 series sensors always consist of the sensor module and a rugged metal mounting bracket. The bracket provides optimal impact protection and allows simple mounting. If a sensor has to be replaced, the bracket can remain—only the sensor module is changed, without the need for adjustment or calibration. With this package of features, the F99-Fusion increases performance and opens up new possibilities. 


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The F99-Fusion enables new applications.

The unique features of the F99-Fusion inertial measurement unit open up new possibilities. Read more about the applications that are now possible.