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New "Quick Select Product Guide for Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment" from Pepperl+Fuchs


EPE Quick Select Product Guide

The "Quick Select Product Guide for Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment" is now available. This free document is designed for experienced users, technicians, and engineers. It presents a comprehensive overview of Pepperl+Fuchs’ product and solutions offerings based on Ex d, Ex e, and Ex p protection. It will help with selecting the appropriate devices and systems for application planning.

From small cable glands to sophisticated control and distribution panels, this quick select guide will introduce a wide range of product options. Selection tables will help you easily find the appropriate device for your specific requirement. Find enhanced product details and up-to-date technical information by following the link shown on the introduction pages for each product section. The guide encompasses:

  • Terminal and Junction Boxes (Ex e, Ex i, Ex op)
  • Terminal and Junction Boxes (Ex d)
  • Control Units (Ex e)
  • Control Units (Ex d)
  • Control Stations (Ex e)
  • Control Stations (Ex d)
  • Control and Distribution Panels (Ex d)
  • Control and Distribution Panels (Ex de)
  • Switch Disconnectors and Safety Switches (Ex e)
  • Switch Disconnectors and Motor Starters (Ex d)
  • Purge and Pressurization Systems (Ex p)
  • Cable Glands and Accessories (Ex d, Ex e, Ex i)




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