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Efficiency in Sensor Form—Offered by the Cylindrical Photoelectric M18 Series


M18 Sensor Series
The cylindrical photoelectric sensors of the M18 series

They are functional and yet can be used flexibly—the cylindrical photoelectric sensors of the M18 series offer five functional principles in three designs—each with a uniform interface. The M18 sensors can be used as thru-beam photoelectric sensors, retro-reflective photoelectric sensors, retro-reflective photoelectric sensors for transparency detection, and diffuse sensors with or without background suppression in almost every standard application. Due to the standardized sensor portfolio, product selection and operation using a potentiometer are particularly simple and straightforward. This allows users quick and simple commissioning of several M18 sensors with different designs, lengths, or sensing modes without having to familiarize themselves with different user interfaces. The reduced complexity of the M18 series not only allows time- and cost-saving sensor integration and commissioning, but also simultaneously ensures an increase in efficiency when using multiple M18 sensors.

Flexible and Functional for a Wide Range of Applications

The photoelectric cylindrical M18 series sensors are designed for functionality and can be flexibly selected depending on the application requirements. They are available with connector or fixed cable and as side or front looker variants. Additionally, users can choose between 40 mm and 60 mm housing lengths. The rugged metal housings of the M18 sensors are particularly suitable for demanding applications due to the high mechanical stability of the metal thread. As a result, higher tightening torques can be achieved than by sensors with plastic threads. For space-saving installation, Pepperl+Fuchs offers cost-efficient side looker housings with shortened length of 40 mm. As a side looker variant, the space-saving sensor can be integrated into roller conveyor applications, for example. This allows installation from below and a view around the corner. The user interface and the status LED on the back of the sensor are clearly visible at all times. This combined with a variety of sensing modes and designs makes the user-friendly M18 sensor series ideally suited for a wide range of standard applications.

Highlights of the M18 Series

  • Five sensing modes in three designs for standard applications
  • Time- and cost-saving integration as well as sensor commissioning due to intuitive and proven user interface
  • Rugged metal housing for demanding applications
  • Shortened design for confined installation situations
  • Simple and fast product selection due to standardized sensor portfolio


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