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R202 Series Cubic Photoelectric Sensors: The New Standard for Material Handling


R202 Photoelectric Sensor
The R202 Photoelectric Sensor in Cubic Design

With the R202 series, Pepperl+Fuchs offers a new portfolio of photoelectric sensors in cubic design. The sensors with a red light LED and a simple switching function with two switching outputs are focused on basic functions. This leads not only to particular cost efficiency, but also to simple product selection. Five function principles are available in a standardized housing design: Thru-beam sensor, retroreflective sensor, retroreflective sensor for clear-object detection, diffuse mode sensor, and diffuse mode sensor with background suppression. The variant for clear-object detection as well as simple and robust mounting make the series the first choice for material handling applications.

Designed for Material Handling

The R202 series was developed with the special requirements of the material handling industry in mind. In pallet conveyor technology, for example, foil-wrapped pallets often have to be detected. With their reflective surfaces, they represent a challenge for the sensor technology used. The retroreflective sensor for clear-object detection was designed for such demanding tasks: It operates without dead band and is optimized for detecting shiny, reflective objects.

The variant for clear-object detection reliably detects foil-wrapped pallets.

In addition, the sensors of the R202 series have integrated solid metal bushings. With their high mechanical stability, they allow higher tightening torques compared to direct mounting on the plastic housing. This ensures reliable and stable mounting over the long term—for robust use in material handling applications.

Flexible Mounting, Compact AC Variants

The R202 combines standard holes and slots.
The R202 combines standard holes and slots.

The combination of standard holes and slots offers flexible mounting options, both horizontally and vertically. Due to the standard holes, the sensors can be combined with all commercially available mounting brackets. For example, the R202 series uses the same mounting system as the R201 series from Pepperl+Fuchs. If both series are used in one plant, the same mounting accessories can be used, which makes installation particularly quick and simple.

In addition, the R202 series is also ideal for applications where AC voltage is required. All variants include an AC/DC power supply with a voltage of 24–240 V if required. This makes the sensors suitable for a wide range of applications, for example in building and entrance automation or in the US market. Compared to conventional devices, the AC variants of the R202 series are also significantly smaller in size. This means that they can be easily integrated even in confined spaces.

Highlights of the R202 Series

  • Optimized series for easy product selection: Essential functions in a cost-effective design
  • Reliable detection of foil-wrapped objects with variant for clear-object detection
  • Robust use in warehouse and conveyor technology through integrated metal bushings
  • Standard design with numerous holes for mounting flexibility
  • Space-saving AC variants for applications where AC voltage is required


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