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When it comes to protecting sensitive machine parts like expensive optics or precision tools, area monitoring sensors are needed. The SmartRunner Detector is optimized for high-precision monitoring and detects small or transparent objects. This vision sensor is based on SmartRunner technology, which is a unique combination of light section technology and a 2-D vision sensor with integrated LEDs.

The parameterization of the SmartRunner Detector is very simple. The vision sensors‘ laser line is projected onto the desired background and programmed using teach-in. Via Data Matrix control codes, users can set additional parameters, such as the detection field, without a PC. The area monitoring sensor detects any deviation in the defined detection zone—even objects that reflect light, rendering them invisible to the camera. Since the SmartRunner Detector evaluates both the laser line on the object as well as the background, the sensor results are reliable in these situations.

The SmartRunner Detector includes transmitter and receiver in a single housing and can be quickly and easily aligned with natural objects such as a wall. Additional alignment and cabling is no longer necessary.

Your benefits of the SmartRunner Detector: 

  • Fast adaption to new application requirements due to the large 180 mm detection field and easy teach-in of new reference contours
  • High-precision detection of objects smaller than 1 mm
  • Reliable protection of machine parts for reduced machine downtime
  • Reliable object detection thanks to simultaneous evaluation of both the object and background laser lines

Focus industries:

  • Automotive industry
  • Machine and plant engineering
  • Packaging industry

Discover the SmartRunner light section sensors equipped with a unique combination of light section technology and a 2-D vision sensor with integrated LEDs …