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Profile Detection

The SmartRunner Explorer captures precise height profiles and makes them available as raw data for further external processing. The additional output of 2-D surface images, which can be used for diagnostic or documentation purposes, makes the sensor unique.

The laser profile sensors are based on the unique SmartRunner technology. For the first time, this combines the proven laser light section technology with a 2-D vision sensor including LEDs and offers maximum performance in a compact sensor housing.

SmartRunner Explorer: The Specialist for Height Profile Output

Based on the laser light section technology, the SmartRunner Explorer offers the innovative combination of height profile and 2-D image output in one sensor. In addition to a high-resolution 1.2 mega pixel CMOS sensor, it is equipped with LEDs for homogeneous area lighting. This allows it to output not only height profiles in world coordinates, but also 2-D images, and enables the flexible implementation of many detection and surveying tasks.

The integrated Ethernet TCP/IP interface and the available DLL simplify the integration of the sensor into the respective programming environment. Due to laser class 1, the SmartRunner Explorer is eye-safe, so that no protective measures are required during operation. A swivel-in connection and the compact housing design guarantee simple mechanical integration even in confined installation conditions.

Typical Applications

  • Measurement and volume detection
  • Quality control
  • Individual applications by using raw data


  • Unique combination of height profile and 2-D image output in one sensor
  • Raw data output for flexible application implementation
  • Easy integration via Ethernet TCP/IP and included DLL

Application Examples

Package measurement with automatic documentation

When determining the volume of packages in logistics processes, the measurement process is initiated by a trigger sensor on the conveyor belt. The SmartRunner Explorer then transmits the height profile data to a downstream PC. There, the dimensions or volume can be easily determined from the height profiles and the path data of the conveyor belt. Shape deviations can be recorded and documented in 2-D images for later inspection.

Quality control after sheet metal bending processes

When automating sheet metal bending processes, it is necessary to ensure that the sheet has been formed correctly. For this purpose, the sheets are individually removed from the press brake by a robot and transported to an inspection station. Here, the SmartRunner Explorer records the height profile of the sheet with high precision and passes it on in world coordinates via Ethernet TCP/IP to an industrial PC. This checks the shape for correctness or any deviations.

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