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The SmartRunner Matcher is based on SmartRunner technology, which is a unique combination of light section technology and a 2-D vision sensor with integrated LEDs. This profile recognition sensor is specially designed for comparison of object profiles and provides application-specific profile measurement with integrated evaluation in a compact housing.

The vision sensor is specialized to report deviations from the taught reference contour. The sensor uses profile comparison to verify the correctness of an object contour and its location. A reference profile is easily taught via teach-in. If reference and acquired profiles are identical or “close enough”, a “good” signal is produced. If the two profiles differ, the vision sensor sends a “bad” signal. This ensures reliability in robotic gripping systems and prevents unplanned downtime and damage to valuable products.

Due to its wide detection field of 180 mm, the SmartRunner Matcher is flexible when application requirements change, such as temporary modifications in production. Via teach-in or Data Matrix codes, the profile recognition sensor quickly adapts to a new situation—without the need of repositioning or reparameterization.

Vision sensor benfefits:

  • Profile comparison with SmartRunner technology: Quick installation and easy integration due to application-specific pre-configured sensors
  • Fast adaption to new application requirements due to the large 180 mm detection field and easy teach-in of new reference profiles
  • Increased plant availability due to smooth running processes and protection of valuable components

Focus industries:

  • Automotive industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Machinery industry



Discover the SmartRunner light section sensors equipped with a unique combination of light section technology and a 2-D vision sensor with integrated LEDs …