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The laser light section sensor LineRunner LR300 is a system component that offers line data for a wide range of detection tasks such as profile measuring and edge or gap measuring. The vision sensor is based on the light section method. Using this method, the LR300 projects a laser line onto a target object, which is detected by a camera at a certain angle. Via triangulation, height and width information is determined with high precision.

Due to its refined illumination control, the vision sensor is able to compensate for difficult color and contrast lines and changing surface appearances. Additionally, its safe laser class 1 saves costs for securing work stations, which would otherwise arise in the case of a higher laser class.

Benefits of Laser Light Section Sensor LineRunner LR300

  • Reliable profile measurement via light section method
  • Robust measurement in the presence of ambient light and changing color and surface appearances
  • Due to laser class 1, no additional protective measures are required

Focus industries

  • Automotive industry
  • Machinery industry