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The SmartRunner Matcher is based on SmartRunner technology, which combines the proven light section method with a 2-D vision sensor and LED lighting for the first time. The sensor is specially designed for comparing height profiles and provides application-specific profile detection with integrated evaluation in one compact housing. The vision sensor's integrated control interface is optimized to detect errors from a previously taught-in height profile. The sensor uses profile comparison to verify the detected profile of an object and its correct position. The height profile can be taught in via an easy-to-use operating wizard and the permitted position and component errors can be specified separately. During operation, the SmartRunner Matcher triggers a comparison between the currently detected contour and the reference contour. If they are identical, a "good" signal is output. If the two profiles are different or if the object is outside the specified position tolerances, a "bad" signal is output. The SmartRunner Matcher easily and reliably solves applications involving presence, completeness, and position detection. Versions with additional functions such as using and storing up to 32 profiles on one sensor, outputting object position errors and sensing ranges of up to 700 mm and 300 mm in the X direction enable the following additional fields of application:

  • Presence detection
  • Position monitoring and output
  • Completeness checking
  • Shape checking

The following specific application examples show the many possible uses of the SmartRunner Matcher:

Discover the SmartRunner light section sensors equipped with a unique combination of light section technology and a 2-D vision sensor with integrated LEDs …