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Types and Selection Criteria

Main decision criteria

With plant availability and maintenance strategies as the major driving factors each work step - commissioning, monitoring and troubleshooting - requires consideration. It's important to choose the right ADM and underlying technology - from stationary to mobile versions. Additional criteria are:

  • The amount of information that should be available in the control room
  • Retrofit of existing plants
  • The engineering required for setting up physical layer diagnostics

In addition, FieldConnex fieldbus technology offers solutions for mobile fieldbus practitioners. The innovators at Pepperl+Fuchs, first to introduce physical layer diagnostics, will continue to bring to you solutions that make working with fieldbus easier.

The following table gives an overview of the different products and their range of application according to Commissioning (C), Monitoring (M) and Troubleshooting (T).

Type Code Application and Features C M T
HD2-DM-A Plug-in module for FieldConnex Power Hub supporting four segments with remote access       +       +       +
HD2-DM-A.RO Plug-in module for FieldConnex Power Hub supporting four segments, plug-and-play       -       +       -
DM-AM-KIT Mobile module for single segment check-out and troubleshooting       +       -       +
KT-MB-DMA Stand-alone module and motherboard for any fieldbus system, up to four segments       +       +       +
DTM-FC.AD* Diagnostic Manager – Professional edition for the FieldConnex Advanced Diagnostic Module (HD2-DM-A or DM-AM-KIT)
– Wizard for commissioning including automated documentation
– Detailed measurements and monitoring per device and segment
– Integrated oscilloscope for detailed view and troubleshooting
– Remote diagnostics included