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The Benefits of MPT Sensors

MPT Offers Outstanding Levels of Flexibility and Detection Reliability

Success is a measurable parameter—by combining the triangulation principle with measurement functionality, the highest levels of precision and reliability are guaranteed when it comes to detecting objects—even with the most difficult detection tasks. Interfering objects can be reliably blanked in the foreground or background due to adaptable operating modes. No other technology offers greater reliability for applications over short distances.



  • Precise object detection due to the intelligent evaluation of distance information
  • High degree of immunity to ambient light
  • No mutual interference
  • Reliable blanking of objects in the background
  • No problems with large black-white differences, all the way through to the final detection range


  • Reliable detection, even under changing conditions
  • High level of resistance to environmental influences
  • No interference from reflective or dark object surfaces
  • Reliable operation, even in applications in the frozen storage sector at temperatures to -30 °C


  • IO-Link interfaces ensures optimum adaptation to the application
  • A host of different operating modes in a single sensor

With state-of-the-art technologies, the distance sensors offer the highest levels of precision and reliability ...