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Real-Time Status Analysis for Mobile Devices


Constant status monitoring is necessary for the efficient use of mobile devices in the workplace. The devices must be reliable to avoid failures and malfunctions. It is also important that all apps are up-to-date and that all device components, such as the battery and sensors, are in perfect condition. This is the only way to ensure that the devices will support mobile workers at all times so they can perform their tasks without limitations.


Digital solutions are necessary for keeping an eye on the status of mobile devices and ensuring the functionality of all components—without requiring manual testing. The all-in-one eDIAGNOSTICS app from the Pepperl+Fuchs brand ecom makes this possible.


The digital diagnostic and analysis tool from ecom enables real-time monitoring of company-owned mobile devices. The eDIAGNOSTICS app checks all relevant data, such as battery status, charging cycles, remaining runtime, and the power consumption of single apps. It even examines the status of the touch screen, speakers, sensors, and Wi-Fi receiver.

The integrated update mechanism ensures that apps are always up-to-date, and a bug report helps identify sources of error within the device. It is possible to choose between complete diagnostics and single-component diagnostics. If there is no email client, diagnostic reports can be exported via an in-app client. Reports are sent directly to the experts from ecom so problems can be solved immediately.

Starting in December 2020, it will also be possible to retrieve information. Once this function is added, eANALYTICS can be used to identify faulty components within the wireless infrastructure and application setups that are causing high power consumption or device malfunctions.

The eDIAGNOSTICS app enables real-time monitoring of company-owned mobile devices.


ecom's eDIAGNOSTICS app enables mobile workers to perform a comprehensive device check without having to assess all components individually. This way, workers can rely on the device without spending time on a manual inspection. Companies benefit from the app as well, since it ensures that all programs available on the device are up-to-date. This not only contributes to data security, it also serves to protect employees.

Companies and their workers must be able to rely on the constant availability of all device functions. By checking the device status, problems can be detected before they arise. This means possible damage to battery, sensors, and keys is detected early and the device can be serviced or replaced before a malfunction becomes a problem.

At a Glance

  • Immediate insights on the real-time device status
  • Automatic app update during start-up
  • Real-time error analysis
  • Data monitoring through internal analysis
  • Support from ecom experts based on transmitted diagnostic reports


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