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Housing Designs

Magnetic field sensors are available in various designs to meet the requirements of different applications and mounting situations. Cylindrical and cubic designs are typical.

Cylindrical Sensors

The sensing face of cylindrical sensors is located on the front face in the axial direction. These sensors are available with diameters of 8 – 18 mm.

Example of a typical application: Cylindrical sensors are typically used where simple mounting is required, e.g., where single-hole mounting is required through a bore. Cylindrical sensors can be easily offset in the axial direction, making them easy to adjust and adapt to the application.

Cubic Sensors

In a cubic design, magnetic field sensors are available as Reed switches, NAMUR sensors, and as Hall-effect sensors for the magnetic safety sensor system.

Example of a typical application: Due to the large operating distance, the robustness, and the installation options, these sensors are often used for door interruption. In industrial environments, these sensors are used wherever large operating distances are required.


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Magnetic Field Sensors

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