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More than HF: New Read/Write Devices Combine the Benefits of High-Frequency RFID with Unique Read Range Capabilities


New HF RFID read/write devices from Pepperl+Fuchs
The new HF RFID read/write devices combine an incomparably high read range and a wide variety of helpful additional features in a space-saving, optimized flat-pack design

An incomparably high read range and a wide variety of helpful additional features housed in a space-saving, optimized flat-pack design: With a new series of RFID read/write devices, Pepperl+Fuchs now offers this attractive complete package as a solution for identification tasks. The RFID read/write devices are based on proven high-frequency RFID technology (13.56 MHz) in accordance with ISO 15693. They are therefore especially suitable for guided industrial applications, in which uniformly positioned and aligned objects or RFID tags must be identified automatically.

HF RFID Read/Write Devices with a Focus on Flexibility

Uniqe read range capabilities: RFID tags can be detected within a read range of up to 30 cm (adjustable)

The revised flat-pack design features an especially compact form factor, which allows easy integration into the application environment. The devices also feature a read range of up to 30 cm (adjustable), which is unique to this class of devices on the market. This gives users the greatest possible flexibility and freedom in adapting the HF read/write devices to the application in question.

Furthermore, the new additions to the Pepperl+Fuchs portfolio are among the few HF read/write devices of this class on the market that also support multitag detection: Up to 20 RFID tags can be detected simultaneously in just one read operation, therefore achieving quick throughput times and optimized processes.

Reliable Tag Detection Due to High-Frequency RFID with Additional Functions

Clearly visible status LEDs provide information about the correct function of the HF read/write device at all times

In addition to the high degree of application flexibility and excellent detection performance, the new HF RFID read/write devices from Pepperl+Fuchs also excel in terms of process reliability: Firstly, they comply with IP67 degree of protection and are designed for operation in the extended temperature range of -25 °C … +70 °C. Additionally, they are able to test their own resonance frequency to detect whether interfering metal objects are in their vicinity and, if necessary, automatically adapt to such interferences.

Any faults and errors are also clearly displayed via a red status LED on the device, or can be traced in more detail via accessible software parameters. In addition, the new HF RFID read/write devices also provide RSSI values (received signal strength indicator), which can be used to detect defective tags at an early stage and exclude them from the process, for example. This form of condition monitoring helps to avoid time-consuming and costly errors and downtimes, even before they occur. Furthermore, the RSSI values can also be used as a basis for position detection.

Seamless HF RFID Integration via IO-Link or IDENTControl

Complementary components for seamless application integration: IO-Link master and IDENTControl evaluation units from the extensive Pepperl+Fuchs portfolio

For optimal integration into the system environment, the new HF RFID read/write devices from Pepperl+Fuchs are available in two versions: For example, if the user's primary focus is on implementing future-proof Industry 4.0 applications, the IQT3* HF read/write devices would be an ideal solution. These can be quickly and cost-effectively integrated into architectures such as PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT via the built-in IO-Link interface in conjunction with an IO-Link master. In this case, depending on the complexity of the application profile, you can choose between an Easy Mode based on the plug-and-play principle without any need for programming, or an Expert Mode for challenging applications.

By contrast, IQH3* devices feature an interface for connecting to the IDENTControl interfaces from Pepperl+Fuchs. This powerful combination is especially suitable for more complex applications, in which high-performance data access must be secured, multiple adjacent RFID read/write devices must be operated in multiplex mode, longer cable runs must be bridged, or in which older fieldbus protocols form part of the application.

Highlights of the HF RFID Read/Write Devices

  • Maximum application flexibility provided by an extended read range of up to 30 cm
  • Particularly wide sensing range and multitag capability for optimum adaptation to the individual application
  • Reliable processes due to automatic adjustment to environmental interferences and output of RSSI values
  • Future-proof automation: IO-Link for seamless integration in I4.0 applications


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